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A’s Poetry

“…Like trains, passing through the tangerine painted morning…
….do we make our metallic tracks north and south….
…like ships in the night…
…amongst the uneven, troubled,waves…
…Venus stands watching above, alone but not lonely…
….she sees the Earth pivoting…
…the Earth gasping for kindness…
….She watches us mere mortals…
…Create a song&dance about everything and nothing…
…oh how she chuckles…
…She, shows her light by appearing close to the fiery but honest glow…
…If only, she thinks, if only mortals can stay close to their own light…
…Raise their cap to their darkness…
…will their human soul ever stop being masked….”



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Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be….x

Hi all.
This post might come across as a rant. That is completely unintentional, while I am opinionated about the matter, I don’t like to come across as aggressive, or hurtful, to anyone, at all.

I have had an interesting time of it lately, what with being ill a lot, with migraines, an appendicitis scare, and now an abcess… These challenges have left me with a bit of time to reflect, when I have not been able to work.
Yesterday, I watched Stephen Fry’s BBC 1 series “Out There”. It was hauntingly sad, and also a little uplifting in one case.
There was a case where a Brazilian child, less than 12 years of age, got beaten up for being in the presence of his gay friends, not being gay himself, and his life got taken away by a violent gang.
It was a severe case of homophobia.
There was a heated, yet fascinating talk with the Deputy Milanov of Russia, who stated as well as many other absurd and archaic things, that “being gay was not normal, and gay people would prefer to solve their “problems” and be straight instead.” Gay people in Russia get terrorised, by physical and verbal abuse, leaving youngsters scared and alone.
There was also a family case in India, nonetheless with a 30year old man, who announced himself gay, and now lives with his PARENTS, who have accepted him, and his Nani (grandma)who is more conservative, or rather, traditional, but she still loves him and let’s him stay at home. In India. In Mumbai. Can you imagine? There was also a brilliant shop in Mumbai, run by gay people, retailing fashion items, called “Pink” or something of that nature. India, is progressing, as a
democracy, and leaving the remnants of the British Raj rulings behind them.

Then, why, my darlings, can’t we British Indians, in the UK, move forwards,progress and learn to love everybody??
The reason I ask, my friends, is because recently I have been asked, if I was gay. ME.

Their logic? ” oh because you always stand up for the gay community, and you have gay friends all around the world, lots in the UK, and in India, Dubai, The Philippines too…” “And also you keep talking about being an atheist” .

Wow. Wow. Wow.
A couple of my sweet cousins (this bit is not sarcasm by the way, I promise) I love you guys! this week also asked me “why have you moved out of your parents house, How come they let you, being a girl, etc.” I was stunned as some of the people asking are fairly liberal.

Seriously, being a girl prevents you from having your own home? Surely thats a sign of independence and maturity?

An old friend asked me when I first moved into my own home earlier this year, “oh my god, what happened, why have you moved out? Is everything okay? ” I’ve been asked (all by Indians) if I’m pregnant before, if I’m gay,(that’s the funniest joke EVER) if the reason I’m unmarried is because I live alone, OR I live alone because I’m unmarried… In fact, my mum, bless her, wanted me to conceal the fact I live on my own at first (well, actually, I share with my oldest girl friend who I’ve known for 20years from school, and NO that doesn’t make me a lesbian, sorry y’all) because she thought she was protecting me from people who judged.

Well, I think it’s about time let all people know, I’m so very lucky I have so many people who are *so* concerned about my marital status and my well being/lifestyle, that yes, I am a 30year old, unmarried, British Asian woman, who is not pregnant, who is most definitely not a lesbian, I like men, I promise, oh goodness me that makes me sound bad too, I can’t win! I’m not indulging in debauchery either just because I live separately from my family.

I believe in Equal Opportunities, for everybody, because we are human beings, who believe in, I hope, love. I believe in giving everyone a chance, be they less abled people, be they same sex people (the more politically correct term). I am an atheist because to me, religion lacks scientific evidence of existing, and that it’s man made, and that it’s caused us to be more separate, as a human community.

Religion, I think, has made us selfish, and makes us believe that as a religious community you should stick together, thinking that God wants us not to accept different people, ie gay people, people from outside your religious community, ie people who are not Indian, or people who aren’t Jewish, or Muslim, or German, or French, or someone with bright turquoise hair with a nose stud. It could be, that that person with bright turquoise hair with a nose stud, (not intentionally stereotyping) is a person who believes in a environmentally friendly lifestyle, and plays incredible music. We could learn about recycling, organic produce, from her or him. It could be, that a Muslim person likes classical singing, and can speak many languages, but people don’t want to know her because she’s from a different religion. It could be, that a French girl loves belly dancing, and wants to talk to the Muslim or Turkish person to swap notes. It could be, the Indian person wants to ask the gay guy, about baking, or Roman literature, and they want to ask the Indian person about Indian dancing, or anything!
But how would we know if everybody keeps judging people for the company they keep? Or the lifestyle they lead? I love Indian classical music, Indian cheesy Bollywood music, Indian clothes, Indian films, but I also love classic rock, Bruce Springsteen, unusual obscure music that people don’t know about, comedy, trying to act in Improv comedy,I’m learning the ukulele, I read books, lots of them, and yes I love to meet with my loved ones, my parents, all my friends, my family.
I love being alive, despite all challenges in life, and despite being the odd unmarried one! 😉

As I said, I’m lucky to have people who care. But I love everyone. Give people a chance. They are, after all, a human being. Just like you.

Love, Adi

“Outside streets on fire in a real death waltz,
between flesh&fantasy,&the poets down here
Don’t write nothing at all,
They just stand back&let it be,
and in the quick of the night they reach for their moments
&try to make an honest stand,
But they wind up wounded tonight in Jungleland”- Bruce Springsteen

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My first comedy sketch

Characters: Allie, 30 years old
Her partner John,41 years old
Greek Guy

Allie- on her house phone in the morning, dials number :

Man picks up in Greek accent : Hello how can I help you?

Allie: Oh hi darling , you left your mobile here.

Man: Where?

Allie: Here!

Man : Where did I leave my phone?

Allie: Darling be serious now. That’s a very bad Greek accent. It’s so unauthentic. You left it between my thighs last night remember? I woke up with it this morning after you left. You put it there. Why am I even saying this you m ow very well darling!

Man: Now look here. I did not leave my phone anywhere you say I did.

Allie: Ok darling ha bloody ha. Well I will pick up your messages when you are in Birmingham today.

Man: Excuse? You will pick up my massages?

Allie: Not massages darling! That’s for later. I’ll massage you tonight. I mean calls. Texts.

Man: Look miss. I think you have reached the wrong number. I have my mobile here. See? If you like I will give you my number here. Then you can come for massages with me if you still want to play. But don’t you dare tell me my Greek accent is shit! Skate sta mouths sou!

Allie: (flustered and stammering) Oh-oh my gosh I am so sorry . I think I have dialled the wrong number.

Man: I told you this miss. No massage then?

Allie hangs up.

She then dials the actual John.

Allie: Hi darling. You’ve left your mobile at mine.

John: Where?

Allie: (mutters to herself) Oh fuck off not again…?

John: (actually taking thesis in a Greek accent) Excuse…?

……conversation fades out…….

End of sketch.

Love Adi x

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New stuff

Hi friends.
Improv writings have been slow I haven’t done any improv in about 3 weeks…. Mainly due to health issues….for the past 2-3 weeks I have been struggling to function with migraines, so I’m mainly drugged up. I’m currently writing this from the walls of my bedroom, and even though I have a sweet housemate who brings me up cups of tea/fluids (sadly alcohol not allowed in these times), I feel this is a time I should have a pet. It seems days without much social conversation is torture for me. However, due to personal stresses, and challenges, I have decided to start doing what I talked myself out of doing years ago, and that, is doing meditation. Yes, you read correctly.
I have been thinking about doing it for quite a while now, but I came to the conclusion I could never, sit still, and in pure silence, and controlling my thoughts, for more than a minute.
Ever since I can remember, my mouth has always been known to function. At high speed and high volume. I have always been a restless child, and an over-active person, always burning the candle at both ends, never wanting to miss out on any opportunities that life brings me. I see it as a privilege to be busy. As if no one called you to events, if you weren’t interested in any activities, you would simply, just exist. I want to do more than exist. I want to be grateful for each day that the world gives me.
So, as a result, I’m tired all the time, and I’m immune to crashing and burning, and add the stress in my life, the result could be quite catastrophic.

Meditation. I thought, could be the answer. I started my first class at the Nottingham Buddhist Centre, last week, on August 13th.
The centre is a lovely, peaceful haven, very down to earth, and with no airs and graces or arrogance. It is what is is, and runs on a Buddhist principle called “Dana” … Which roughly translates as ‘giving what you can, when you can’. For each class you can give as little as £2 or whatever you can afford, or nothing if you feel you can’t afford anything.

The first class was 4 stages of breathing control and what is called a body scan.There is no chanting, but there is a Tibetan bell.
A body scan is being aware of you’re whole body,with your eyes closed. You unclench all your limbs and have them free. From the toes, all the way up to the calves, thighs, torso, fingers, hands, arms, upper body etcetc. This enables clarification of your physical state.
Stage 1: is breathing in a controlled, slow manner while counting to ten, before each breath. This is done for a few minutes, (it seemed like an our) until the class teacher gently tapped the bell.
Stage 2 : I have forgotten what stage 2 is , quite frankly. I must have been spaced out. I shall find out that next time I go.
Stage 3: is breathing slowly,inhaling and exhaling and being aware of your body, but without counting. This was very difficult, and without letting stray thoughts enter your mind as well. For me this is near impossible. I kept thinking about food.
Stage 4: was breathing without counting but feeling the temperature of your breath through each nostril. This was easier, as you were concentrating on your nose.
At the end of this class, I felt pretty amazing. I felt like nothing in the world could bother me, and I slept with the sound of the ocean waves playing for 8hours continually on my IPad.
I was hooked. I said to myself, this is my thing.

I returned the following Tuesday, this week. Now this week has been hell for me, and I was only able to go because I got a lift from my partner to my workplace to get more migraine medication, and he dropped me to meditation if I still felt relatively ok enough to go. I had a pulsating headache, but he waited for me outside the class so I would get home okay without another migraine.

This class was about Metta Bhavana, whic comes from the Pali language,and translates as Love and kindness and Bhavana means cultivation.
In the first stage, you feel love and kindness for yourself, saying in your mind “may I be happy, may I be well, may I be free from pain&suffering”. I am very self- critical in everything I do so this would be a positive technique.
In the second stage, you do the same for a close friend or person in your life? For me this was easier.
In the third stage, you had to think of a neutral person who you don’t have many thoughts for and send the same thoughts to them.
In the last stage, you had to to do same for a person who challenges you and you have a difficult relationship with.
Actually, for most of the stages, I just kept thinking about the pain in my head due to the migraine! So I kept having to think and not fidget which was harder this time than the first. I didn’t feel as good after this session, but I will still go as I put that down to being ill.

I think, this will help me in Improv, to slow down, slow down my thoughts, slow down my speech, slow down my body language and be more purposeful, define, hell, even graceful! As I am clumsy, silly, and loud. Well I don’t think the silliness will ever change, but it’s a great thing, meditation for that.
It will give me more patience , again in improv and life, and help me be an even better person, than I am already! 😉

See, silliness will always be there, even when drugged up. Miss you all, see you soon hopefully!

It ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive’ -Bruce Springsteen

Love Adi

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‘Smell it, taste it, feel it, fuck it.’

Well hello, bonjour, guten tag, ola, ciao, salve, konichiwa, namaste, jaishrikrishna, howdydudey.

It’s been a heeeeellluva long time since I have penned Improv on here. The excuse? I’ve been too busy. The reason? I haven’t felt inspired by my improv, or improv, or indeed motivated, or impressed with my Improv enough to write about it.

I know, even then I should write about it seeing as its a personal experience Improv blog thingummy. That’s where the excuse comes in.

I’ve been missing jams occasionally, including the one tonight avec the wondrous Benjamin Macphearson, today I was so psyched up to go but then personal people were vacating the country so goodbyes were long and lingering at home and time was of the essence. I don’t understand how much one has to compartmentalise time periods, and I’m not even married or with children yet. Good grief.

Moving on.

So, Improv this week beginning 22-23rd July, I was given a most surprising and exciting gift. I couldn’t initially attend Susan Messing’s Improv workshop because of funds, truth be told. So when I got a message from the fabulous and big-hearted Mr Lloydie, informing me there was a spare place due to someone dropping out, and that I could attend, well, ‘Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ was the noise I made,which is my excitable noise. I had heard of Ms Messing indeed, who had been in films such as ‘While You Were Sleeping’ and ‘The Break-Up’ and has done extremely, talented and quirky Improv.

This fabulous, charming, and brutally yet quirkily, outspoken; not at all orthodox (which, by the way, is her personal USP) lady reminded me why I fell in love with Improv in the first place, and that I should keep doing it for myself, rather than trying to prove myself to other people…

The past few weeks/months, I’d felt a lull in my improv, I never got the high because I felt my confidence in it was flat, and I was like the monitor on a life support machine, going ‘beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep’. My improv high was dead. I attended jams, missed 3 in a month recently, due to yes being busy, but also truth be told, not feeling good enough about my improv.

The last Gorilla Burger I attended, I’d done a 20 minute show case with Geoff’s newly founded Monday jams, with the team of 6 of us. I felt it went okay, on that Corner’s massively big stage that engulfed my small form, I’d lasted in the games that were called ‘Top That’ and the ‘Inner Voice’ game was okay.  I’ll briefly explain ‘Top That’, its where two players get on stage and start acting with certain limbs&body parts allocated by the audience. So if you are miming pull-ups with your elbows, you have to come up with as many ways of using those limbs as possible and saying ‘top that’. So , for example, ‘I am playing an Indian game called Kabbadi, top that’ and the other player has to come up with a freaky-deaky or relatively normal equivalent…until they run out of options.

Anyway. After the show, it was normal jam time, names out of a hat, people jumping on stage, and doing their shit. Oh yeh. Improv has made me swear more. Not in using swear words as funnies all the time, it works, sure, but on a personal level its got me swearing far more. My close ones takes the piss or ‘extract the urine’ because apparently I swear poshly. Meh, I can live with that.

So the point being, is that I actually, didn’t want to bloody play! For the first time in a gorilla burger, I wanted to be the relish, the coleslaw on the side, or salad leaves on the side, wilted, rather than the juicy fleshy meat waiting to be bitten, with Improv juices running all down my chin, my arms and my boobs. In fact, my nipples were rather dry, for Improv jamming.

So when I attended the workshop this week, I got barbequed, grilled, in the hottest way possible. Screw the salad leaves, I was the animal wanting to be put in the burger and eaten!

Now I’m not comparing myself to anyone else that is magnificently talented in Improv, I’m talking about my own, personal, confidence level and the motivation to make people laugh (or not) with my babblings.

Susan Messing: Day 1.

The first day was about listening to Susan give us advice, as a group and as an individual, of our Improv, and how to bring Joy and Specificity to our scenes.

Joy: Enjoying the ride, taking in the smells, sights, feelings of our inner selves while slowing down and taking the scenic route, while giving our audience group joy to watch our scenes unfold. This meant, not talking too fast, not dominating the scene in a frustrated, condescending manner, not too loudly but loud enough, and listening to your scene partner and taking in what they are giving you, not offering you.

Offering and gifting is not the same thing, she made me realise….one can refuse and contradict an offer, a gift, cannot be refused directly. Offering a question in a scene, for example, can be rebutted, and therefore will make the scene implode slowly but surely…

The first exercise Susan gave us was 9 of us getting up, in a line, and she called this exercise ‘Make em Up’s’, like Twister, but without the coloured dots. We had to elongate our limbs, and find a way to touch and make contact with the person near us, until some of us got crushed on the floor. That was me.

I remember grabbing Nick Tyler’s scratched bare ankle with my wrist, somebody’s head was on my back, and we were all stretched and weirdly contorted like gummy bears stretched by little children or like the tall fat chick ‘Violet Beurgarde’ from the children’s novel ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ after she ate the all in one meal piece of chewing gum she became exaggerated and stretched and blue. Susan caught my eye, and says ‘Princess, elongate those long limbs of yours!!! ‘ We weren’t dead or blue, but I was delighted later on in the week to find a scar from this on my left arm.

The point of this wonderfully bizarre team building exercise was to work together as a team, be aware of our physical selves and senses, and be less inhibited of feeling other people’s body parts, as crude as this sounds its not, honestly!!!

I think the point of it as well was trust, to trust yourself and others in Improv.

Another exercise she gave us was to do a few open scenes with a word suggestion, with two chairs and two people. But really, bloody loudly. I mean, shouting. I mean, almost screaming, Now, my friends will agree when I say whispering is normally not in my vocabulary. I remember waiting in line at a cinema with an old Improv friend, and saying something contraversial about a guy in front of us, who was big and intimidating. I thought I was whispering, but he heard me and turned round at my friend and gave him a glare.  He thought he was going to get beaten up.

I am loud. I giggle loudly, I whisper loudly, I walk loudly, I look at people loudly. Yet I can be really, fucking quiet.

So I did a scene with a new improv person I’d never met before. I start talking.  Susan is behind me, invigilating like it’s an exam, but a bloody fun one, and shouts in my face ‘LOUDER PRINCESS, LOUDER!!!!!!!!’ 

I tried to go louder. That’s a laugh in itself that statement, ie Adi, having to *try* and be loud. Pfffffffft.

She shouts again ‘Louder! Louder! Shout your words!!!!’

Now recently I have been learning the basics of sign language, and I remember thinking, gosh even a deaf person would be able to lip read this shit, because we were loud in our speech, we had to slow the hell down, and talk, or bellow, loudly. Clever, very clever, and this enabled us to project our voices too.

At the end of this first night, I felt as if I was buzzing, and all shouty in my head, it took me along time to sleep!

Susan Messing: Day 2.

Now for this evening, we got told to wear clothes we could move around in. Intriguing aye.

Susan keeps telling us in her wise words ”taste it, smell it, feel it, fuck it!” To a normal, non improvvy person, this would seem quite crude. To us,  and myself, it was marvellous, and quite normal. She meant, taste the articulate words and scene settings, smell the stage, feel the formats of scenes and emotions of improvisers, and fuck the scene,comparing it to as if you were hundred percent committed to acting your character out, as if one was having sex with the character, or indeed, in real life. That kind of high quality commitment. Toldcha, unorthodox, but genius.

So Ms Messing, (I keep saying Ms as I don’t know if she’s a Mrs, so apologies if this gets back to her and she’s thinking ‘Princess, I ain’t no Ms!’) instructs us to hop up in a line, 9 of us. I got up in the first batch, Woman got us dancing. Yep. Dancing.  She tells the first person in the line who is a chick from Cardiff, but American, to choreograph 4 dance moves, that are simple yet concise. The next person has to do the same. All the way to the end of the line. People are adding really funky dance moves. Oh, yeh, the point? We have to remember each person’s moves and do them ourselves in sequence, all at the same time. So we all do the first person’s, and the second person’s, third person’s etc etc until the people at the end of the line have about 6 or 7 people’s 4 dance moves to remember!!!!

I thought when it’d come to my spot instead of doing something with flailing limbs I’d incorporate my Indian Bollywood  and classical Kathak dance moves. So I got half of MissImp doing my Kathak and Bollywood dance. The best feeling was getting certain people and the guys in the group who just don’t dance to try and do my graceful, elegant dance moves! Fun. The point of that was to work as a team, andddd not to let the audience or Susan know that you’ve made a mistake or f*cked it up. That, is my downfall. My face is too open, every emotion can be seen on my face. I get really frustrated and angry at myself if I make a mistake, in day to day life as well, so in improv I get reallyy pissed off if I make a mistake. Susan saw that straight away and kept coming up to me and saying ‘did you fuck it up princess? keep smiling, don’t let me or anyone else know, convince them your’e doing it right!!! ‘ She said to me after, ‘So here’s the thing, ok you work in a pharmacy, you can’t fuck that up or people die, I get that, but here it’s comedy, if you fuck it up people laugh, and if you make a face people won’t laugh at that!’

She saw through me straight away, and my thought processes.

She then gave us an exercise where we had to perform in pairs, on chairs. It was called “goodmorning, fuckers”…. We had to pretend to be asleep, wake up and figure out what we are waking up from, and who the person we are acting with is, our relationship. Some people did a couple sketch, James Dalby did a fantastic version of a vampire, with Ben, and how his nails were too long and how Ben found everything about him adoreable…with Ben’s charming smile, the point of this was to not see the other’s reaction straight away, both had eyes closed, had to do object work for 5 minutes or so in getting ready for their day, until Susan told us to speak, then we could establish to the audience how relationship.

I worked with Martin, who’s always fun to play with, I felt it was one of my most confident scenes yet….I woke up after 55 years (who knows where that number came from) and I hadn’t aged at all, I could feel my facial expressions being made to look delighted& wondrous&all doe-eyed&Disney princess like. I was pleased with my supple limbs in the scene&my supple boobs too. This is what Susan means when she says ‘You can be who you’ve always wanted to be&who you’ve never wanted to be!’ Martin woke up doing his ‘chi’ thing, like a tai chi ninja warrior for some reason. So I’d worked out he’d saved me,&revived me… I’d allocated the name Robert for him…and the vanity of my normal off stage self prompted me to ask ‘why am I in this shitty awful dress?’ and I kept looking at Martin like I wanted him to reaffirm something, even though I’d felt I was leading the scene, I felt I was wrong in something, so I wanted Robert/Martin to say something to confirm something. Susan pounced on that in a positive way and got up all in my face saying ‘Princess, why the fuck you asking him, you work it out, you’re leading the scene, you don’t care about the dress, look at the magazine your’e in from 55 years ago’ and give more specificity!’ Even then, I felt good about the scene after wards as I wrapped it up somehow.

Another exercise she gave us was a kind of longform thing called ‘The Onion’. We were in group of 4’s &2 of us had to come forward from each horizontal line we were in facing each other, and doing some open scene. Then the next person, ie the second, ie me, had to figure out, what that scene looked like, as an object or area,& I had to figure out a reason for my entrance&my exit, later. I found this one the hardest one. As I am thinking ‘shit I have to go next I don’t have anything in my brain’ . I acted out some bullshit about there being a children’s ball pool under Nick Tyler’s and Richard(I think) feet.

By the end of the whole workshop, I felt great about Improv and reminded myself how it has been helping me in the everyday bullshit that is life, and dealing with things.

Susan made every single one of us feel important to her and treated us like an equal, she had no airs&graces and made me feel incredibly blessed to have found Improv in my life. I realise this may sound soundbitey and cliched, but its true. You don’t get many teachers or indeed adults with some sort of pompous arrogance. She was an exception.

In this week of Improv, I was so pleased to hear Susan was doing a show with Lloydie, and it was grand. She involved the audience, calling me ‘Estelle’ for laughing at her saying ‘cock’. I don’t think its the fact she swears, I think its the fact she just drops it in like they are sweeties. Its brutally refreshing. The best line was something about nipples, obviously.

‘Guys, you have to get us going a bit first. Nipples aren’t a door handle to open us up.’  And that concludes my experience of Ms Susan Messing.  She posed pretty for me&her for a photo, she wrote some inspiring Improv words in my geeky autograph book I carry around with me… she’s a true star.

Now the other stars of the show on Wednesday was Project 2! The SCI-FI IMPROV DUE with freaking jumpsuits! These guys were insanely good. They played multiple characters in their two man show, and the guy, Chris Mead found what he and his Improv partner funny, especially when he made verbal stumbling errors, and he made his trivial not-even-error errors part of his character, and it worked a treat. They played some robots who hated queuing in a food-ration line. i had never seen sci-fi improv before, didn’t even know there was such a thing, and me not being a massive Star Wars or Trekkie fan, I didn’t think I’d be that bothered by it….but I went with an open mind, and it was awesome.

Fisticuffs did their longform that consisted of Lloydie, Nick, Marilyn,Martin and Ben. I can’t exactly remember what they did, but I remember Martin being a suffering ex-alcoholic trying to save Lloydie’s life from jumping off a tall building. I find long form hardest to watch, personally, probably because it takes more concentration? I have no idea. But the whole evening was a marvellous tangle of laughs and personal thoughts of ‘Ok Susan Messing taught me for two days and I think I can do this shit better than I was, but compared to talent like Project X and Fisticuffs, what’s the point!’

However, a week later, I still think I can continue to learn and aspire to be an Improviser, and learn life skills from it as well. The people I have met from Improv have all been incredibly good to me and I think everyone should do Improv,  because, in the words of Susan Messing,  it makes you be whoever you want to be and whoever you don’t want to be on stage…… but off stage it also makes you not be who you don’t want to be, as well…. ie, a better human being. It teaches you confidence, to slow down in life yet embrace life, to embrace&accept your mistakes,  it brings you listening skills, compassion, empathy, humility, and of course, the funny stuff!  I can’t wait now, after the week just gone of high-impact Improv, until I do Improv again.

I won’t leave it so long until my next Improv scribbles,

” The poets down here don’t write nothin’ at all, they just stand back and let it all be…”  ― Bruce Springsteen

Love, Adi